Spy Crab is an all-around piqer who is ranked #22 at the moment. He enjoys drawing the human form and likes to talk to people. Sometimes, he tries to settle problems/drama on piq by looking at both sides of the conflict and softening comments (but for the most part, he fails).


He likes to draw in a western, graphic novel style. Rarely, he will draw anime or any self portraits. If he's to lazy, he'll draw a preview on piq of a drawing he made on deviantart.


Spy crab is well known for trying to solve conflicts. Of course, no one listens to him so he's usually shoved off to the side. His username originated from the meme, spy crab , but is misinterpreted as a crab dressed up as a spy from Team Fortress 2 .


The whole "crab movement" started with a piq that Spy Crab made. Iopl3887 liked the crab so he started to draw fanart. From then on, piqers have been making crabs.

The piq that started the "crab movement"