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RetroGEO is preferred to be called Strider. Strider is a game character, Strider Hiryu, that he likes and he only requests people to draw Strider. Known for his POTD  streak. He is #10 in ranks, has 350+ piqs, and has 130+ subscribers. Currently, Strider has 31 POTDS.

His StartEdit

Strider(aka RetroGEO) made an account back in 2012, but didn't use it untill March 6, 2014. His first piqs were simple stencil style portraits and sprites from Strider. His first POTD was the Pulp Fiction based SAY WHAT AGAIN. After that he began to make piqs upon request. Mostly Anime. A lot of Anime. 

[Strider is currently on Hiatus]