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Fanart for 'Lord of the Rings'

Ivory is a Russian gamer who is currently in the US. She is ranked #4 on piq. She has two siblings, SkylarSkye and Virkinoff.


She uses stocks and references. Most of her stocks are anime related. She is very talented with detail and precision.


These are some facts that Ivory has stated herself on 25 things.

"1. I am 5' 2". 

2. I am turning 20 in November. 

3. I own a cat. 

4. I own 3 goldfish. 

5. I own 2 parakeets. 

6. My favorite color is green. 

7. I wear glasses (cuz I'm blind). 

8. I play 3 instruments. 

9. I love to sing. 

10. I still don't drive. 

11. I have never failed a class. 

12. I love anime/manga. 

13. I love math. 

14. I enjoy late night gaming. 

15. I love to read and my room is filled with books. 

16. My most precious possession as of now is my laptop. 

17. I skipped class often my junior year of high school. 

18. Calculus was my favorite subject in school. 

19. I currently work in retail. 

20. I'm pretty sarcastic. 

21. I enjoy darker subject matter. 

22. I have 2 tattoos. 

23. I saved my boyfriend from committing suicide. 

24. I plan to cosplay as Sailor Jupiter at Nekocon. 

25. I plan on becoming number 1 piqer. XD "

NOTE: 5 of them are untrue!