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Gay Fellow is a renouned Piqer who is 106th in the ranks, he has a total of 26 piqs and is known to stir up controversy. His art usually follows a cartoony style aswell as a more pixelated look.

Controversy and Stance Among the General CommunityEdit

Wolfgirl and the BeginningEdit

Controversy about Gay Fellow go back to his earliest piq, in which WolfGirl456 (rather harshly) called his piq a "piece of crap". It is pretty much unknown what GF replied with as he deleted the comments afterwards, he later made the false premise that WG456 was only #1 because she spammed the site.

TheAlex and DisguisingEdit

He once made an replica of TheAlex's profile image. It is assumed by the comments on the piq that he had impersonated Alex.

Kirby and More ImpersonatingEdit

GF made a piq saying that kirby was an attention seeker and only ever copies sprites (which is not true.) In the comments it appeared that Kirby was being a douche whilst not being logged on, but if what has happened more recently is true he was probably impersonating Kirby (see EmeraldSword11 and Even More Impersonating.)

FurryRaver4life and BiphobiaEdit